Zhongshan JW-A14 Multihead Weigher

Dimensions (L x W x H)48" x 48" x 58"
Includes ManualYes
Power220 V | 20 A | Single Phase
ID2851 B6

This 14-head combination scale weighs and discharges accurate portions into a bagging system or product trays.

Weight range: 10-2,000 grams, volume: 1300mL

Max speed: 60 pieces/min

Touch screen with 100 program capacity and program recovery.

“No products” auto pause function.

From top down:

  • Funnel: from 17.5″ dia to 9.75″ dia, depth 7″
  • Main vibrator pan: 14″ dia
  • Linear vibrator pan: 12″L x 2-4″W
  • Feed hopper: 11″ deep
  • Weigh hopper: 8″ deep
  • Discharge chutes

Extra funnel: from 16.75″ dia to 8″ dia, 7″ deep

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