SZG-2000 Jacketed Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Dimensions (L x W x H)136" x 78" x 112"
Serial NumberMHJ202004B
Power208 V | 3 Ph | 5.5 kW
ID2976 PL 1C3 A7

Ideal for drying and mixing powder and granule raw materials.

Hot water passes through the sealed jacket, and the heat dries the product in a vacuum state. Tank rotates for even drying and mixing.

Rotation powered by a ZL Electric 5.5kW motor and a Zhouer gear reducer.

Double cone tank – approx 60″ diameter at widest point, slopes: 32″L, straight side: 29.5″L, manways: 15.5″ diameter

Volume: 2,000L, loading volume: 1,000L

Jacket operating temperature: ≤140°C

Area of heat: 7.5 m²

Uses this Water Heating-Circulating Tank for the jacket.

Comes with a vacuum pump, a hot water centrifugal pump, a control panel, and a bin of misc parts.

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