Goodyear Gorilla™ 50′ Rubber Hose

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Goodyear Gorilla™ 50′ Rubber Hose

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Multi-purpose industrial hose rated at 500 psi maximum working pressure.

Pallet has five 50′ lengths, with fittings. There are 40′ lengths as well.

Branding: Gorilla 1″ (25.5mm) 500 psi USA Goodyear, Flame Resistant, USMSHA No. 2G-14C/14

Temperature: -20°F to 190°F ( -29°C to 88°C)

Also Available:

Goodyear Plicord Vintner 250 psi brewery hose sections with fittings.

Varying lengths of New-Line Poly RT Air/Water 300 psi hose with fittings.
Diameter: 3/4″

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