ZCX-3ZD Stand-Up Pouch Filler and Capping Machine

MakeYueDong Mechanical Co. Ltd.
Serial Number2015YDF052
Power208 V | 3 kW | 60 Hz

Fully automatic, this machine is widely used for all kinds of liquid products, such as beverage, medication, chemical, etc.

Main functions: pouch loading and filling, spout cleaning, air filling, cap feeding & inserting, cap screwing, pouch detection and discharge.

Operated by PLC and touchscreen.

Pouch output per hour:
• 1 L: 1500-1700
• 500 mL: 2200-2500
• 220 mL: 3000

Quantity per station: 3 pouches

Max steam consumption: 0.8 m3/min

Air pressure: 0.6-0.7 mpa





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