GAI 5031 FE Bottling Line

GAI 5031 FE Bottling Line

Model5031 FE

GAI Monoblock Rinser/Filler/Capper

  • rinser uses a sterile water filter to rinse bottles and fobber which are then evacuated with sterile air
  • filler uses electro-pneumatic valves and can package both carbonated and still beverages; valves are fully computer controlled
  • filler can be programmed for multiple recipes and is capable of multiple pre-evacuations and snifts
  • fobber eliminates foam prior to capping
  • capper is set for 26mm twist-off crowns (capper dies for 26mm crimp-on) – can be changed out for ROPP caps or corks
  • post-capper exterior bottle rinse
  • automated CIP and internet connection

Krones Rotina Labeller

  • fully refurbished in 2016
  • capable of full-wrap body label
  • includes glue pump

Support Pieces

  • all connecting conveyors and drives
  • change parts for 330mL, 341/355mL long neck, 500 mL, and 650mL bottles.
  • dump/descrambling table
  • vacuum pump for filler
  • spares for all machines

Rate: 1,000 to 5,000 bottles per hour

Bottle change-over is mostly automatic and takes less than 15 minutes.

Bottling line is turn-key but does not include air-knives, blower, or cooler.

Footprint: approx 25′ x 25′

Current hours: 1,102

Number of bottles: 4,398,073



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