Urschel Comitrol® 2100 Processor

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Urschel Comitrol® 2100 Processor


Dimensions (L x W x H)75" x 52" x 68"
Serial Number266
Includes ManualYes
Power575 V

Large hopper capacity with positive feed assistance, this processor’s common applications includes vegetables, meat, seafood, and bakery rework.

Infeed hopper: 30.75″L x 22.5″W x 28″D

Agitator: 30.5″L

Feed screw approx 37″L x 7″ dia

Impeller: 3 v-shape blades 3″L and 3″W at base. Powered by a GE Tri-Clad 40 hp AC motor.

Other motors include a Louis Allis Pacemaker 3.0 hp motor, with a Louis Allis Allispede 3.0 hp motor, as well as a Baldor Super-E 2 hp that runs the belt, and two Boston Gear Reductors for the agitator and feed screw.

Previously used to grind meat.


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