Tennant T15 Floor Cleaner


Tennant T15 Floor Cleaner

Serial Number T15-17160
Make Tennant
Model T15 ec-H20
Year 2011
Weight 1180kg
Power 36 V

Tennant T15 ec-H20 Item #1077

1370 hours

  • ec-H2O™ Technology to reduces the costs associated with conventional floor cleaning detergents.
  • Scrubbers equipped with ec-H2O technology use less water so they can scrub up to three times longer between non-productive dump and fill cycles.
  • Reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents with NFSI-certified ec-H2O™ Technology.
    • NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) registration means that it can be safely used in food and beverage handling environments.
  • ec-H2O™ significantly impacts green cleaning operations in seven key categories: energy, CO2 emissions, ozone, smog, acid, eutrophication, and particulates.

Brochure about the Tennant ec-H20