Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

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Rosemount Magnetic Flow Meter

Dimensions (L x W x H)8" x 6" x 14"
Location CodeC1B

2″ Flanged Connection

Meter, Transmitter, and Magnetic Flowtube

From the manufacturer:

Conductive liquids and slurries

Line Sizes: 2–36 in. (15–900 mm)

Rosemount 8705 Sensors are interchangeable with 8732 and 8712E Transmitters. System accuracy is maintained regardless of line size or optional features. Each sensor nameplate has a sixteen-digit calibration number that can be entered into a transmitter through the Local Operator Interface (LOI) or the Field Communicator. In a FOUNDATION fieldbus environment, the 8732E can be configured using the  DeltaV™ fieldbus configuration tool or another FOUNDATION fieldbus configuration device. No further calibration is necessary.

Upper Range Limit
39 ft./s (12 m/s)

Process Temperature Limits
PTFE Lining
–20 to 350 °F (–29 to 177 °C)
ETFE Lining
–20 to 300 °F (–29 to 149 °C)
PFA Lining
-20 to 350 °F (-29 to 177 °C)
Polyurethane Lining
0 to 140 °F (–18 to 60 °C)
Neoprene Lining
0 to 176 °F (–18 to 80 °C)
Linatex Lining
0 to 158 °F (–18 to 70 °C)
Ambient Temperature Limits
–30 to 150 °F (–34 to 65 °C)

1636 – E256 – C1B

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