PPM Vibratory Berry Sorting Conveyor

MakePPM Technologies
ModelUltra Direct
Dimensions (L x W x H)126" x 48.5" x 47"
Power460 V | 1.4 A | 3 Ph
ID2968 BB4

Ideal for sizing/sorting blueberries or cranberries.

Conveyor – top level: 96″L, mid level: 101″L, bottom level: 58.25″L, width: 23.75″

Side discharge chute: 7.5″L x 8.75″W

Bottom discharge: 23.75″W x 4″deep

Sizing tray inserts: one with 1/2″ holes, two with 3/4″ holes.

Two solid tray inserts.

All trays: 18.75″L x 25″W

Comes with two Italvibras MVSS 12-4700 6-pole vibrator motors, with a centrifugal force of 4,624 lbs each.

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