8’H Product Elevator

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8’H Product Elevator

Dimensions (L x W x H)82" x 40" x 96"
Power220 V | 1.08 A | 0.18 kW
Location CodeCC5

Conveyor belt: 97″L x 10″W

Cleats: 9″W x 1″H, spaced 7.5″ apart

Top chute: 9″L x 10.5″W, with 3.5″ sides, discharge height: 84″

Hopper: 39″L x 35″W x 27″D, slope: 32″, straight side: 7″, infeed height: 34.25″

Hopper volume approx 60 gallons

Conveyor powered by a Xinling 0.18 kW motor and gear reducer.


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