Bongard Cervap 600 Deck Oven & Loader

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Bongard Cervap 600 Deck Oven & Loader

ModelCervap 600/8-164
Dimensions (L x W x H)88" x 102" x 91"
Power208 V | 20 A | Single Phase

Annular steam tubes deck oven, with scissor lift loader, designed to bake all types of breads, pastries and Danish products.

A water-tight tube set containing water forms the exchanger and baking chambers of this oven.


  • 4 stone deck ovens, 8 doors
  • separate steam control on each deck
  • natural gas heated
  • hood extractor with exhaust fan

Baking capacity: 20 sheet pans (18″ x 26″)

Total baking area: 87 sq.ft.

Inside dimensions: 65″ deep x 47″ wide

Natural gas output: 219,000 BTU/hr

Water: .75″ tap water supply line required @ 40 psi minimum water pressure

Heat exchanger: 24 single loop annular tubes per linear meter

Scissor-lift loader: 90.5″L (2300 mm)

For more info: Cervap 600, Scissor-Lift Loader


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