Excalibur PH-30-S Twin-Arm Mixer

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Excalibur PH-30-S Twin-Arm Mixer


Dimensions (L x W x H)108" x 48" x 85"
Serial Number050517RB
Power208/230 V | 40 A | 10 Hp | 3 Ph

Twin-arm mixer combines three actions for fast, gentle mixing of bread, biscuit, bagel, or pastry doughs.

The mixing bowl spins while two arms carefully knead, stretch, lift and fold dough for superior gluten development.

Mixing bowl: 43″ dia x 23″ deep, volume approx 500 quarts, or 120 gallons.

Bowl dimensions with lid and cart: 52″L x 48″W x 39″H

Mixing arms – loop: 14″L x 4″W, two-prong fork: 8.5″L x 8.5″W

Clear plastic guard allows operator to view dough at all times.

Two additional bowls available.


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