LVO RW1548E Rack Washer

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LVO RW1548E Rack Washer

Serial Number4111-0315-6181
Power208 V, 132.2 A, 15 Hp, 3-Phase

With four rotating spray arms and a dual-stage pump design, the RW1548E washes with a powerful, high pressure spray, followed by a sanitizing hot water rinse.

Large walk-in door makes it simple to load and operate.

Capable of washing 480 sheet pans per hour.

Roll-in design allows for washing oven racks, cake pans, mixing bowls, utensils, and more.


  • Wash capacity: 48 pans, utensils or two 140 quart mixing bowls
  • Pumps: one 10 HP & one 5 Hp – recirculates approx 240 gallons/min at 50-60 psi
  • Wash Tank: 65 gallon capacity – electric, gas or steam heated
  • Rinse Tank: stainless steel with two 9 kW electric booster heater to boost 140° F incoming water to 180°F sanitizing rinse water.



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