Bongard Paneotrad® V3+ Dough Divider

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Bongard Paneotrad® V3+ Dough Divider

ModelPaneotrad® V3+
Dimensions (L x W x H)46" x 32.3" x 71.5"
Serial Number93000000000 18773
Power220 V | 3.5 A | 0.75 kW | 3 Ph

An automatic stress-free dough divider designed for traditional breads with an airy texture.

Allows for gentle dough handling, without degassing or stressful operations, while enhancing the bread’s flavour.

Provides high quality and consistency for all dough types, such baguettes, country loaves, ciabattas, buns, sweet doughs, etc.

It can divide and shape the dough pieces in a single motion.

Comes with 3 dividing and forming dies, which can produce 6 different shapes by pairing 2 forming dies.

Over 60 different shapes are possible with the Paneotrad®.

Output: 1700 pieces/hr

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