Great Western 611/5 In-line Tru-Balance Sifter

Great Western 611/5 In-line Tru-Balance Sifter


Allows direct insertion into a vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying line, and removes a small amount of oversized impurities from the product. All product contact surfaces are stainless steel. Equipped with a Metrix VibrAlert vibration switch, an Omron ZE-N22-2S Limit Switch, as well as  a U.S. Electrical 1.5 HP drive motor.

  • 5 sieves with a net area of 25 ft² (extras are available).


ManufacturerGreat Western Manufacturing
Stock Number4290
Dimensions (l x w x h)96" x 84" x 93"
Location Code1C3
Power230/460 V | 4.8/2.4 A | 3 Ph
Location code1C3