Hobart Meat Grinder

Hobart Meat Grinder


The Hobart MG1532 Meat Mixer-Grinder is for fresh or frozen meat tempered to 26°F or higher, and can be in flake or stick form. It has a hopper with a meat capacity up to 150 lbs depending on the type of product.

powered by two separate drive systems: a 1 hp motor drives the heavy-duty steel mixing arm, which rotates at 23 rpm. A 7.5 hp grind motor drives the conveyor screw, which rotates at a speed of 216 rpm.

  • Powered by: 1 HP motor drive and a 7.5 HP grind motor
  • The mixer is equipped with a "wedge cylinder", sized for #32 knives and plates (not included).
  • Grinding rate: 35-40 lbs of fresh boneless meat per minute through a 1/8" plate.


Serial Number31-1425-275
Stock Number4252
Location CodeD2
Power208V | 30 A | 3 PH | 60 Hz
Dimensions (l x w x h)54" x 27" x 55"