Syntron Magnetic Feeder F-O1O-B

Syntron Magnetic Feeder F-O1O-B


The Syntron Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder F-O1O-B is a dynamically balanced, mass vibrating system that consists of a trough and trough connecting bracket coupled to an electromagnetic drive by means of leaf springs.

The feeder operation produces a vibrating stroke on the surface of the feeder trough. The stroke results from the action of the electromagnet as it pulls the trough sharply down and backward and then allows it to spring up and forward. Repetition of this action at high speeds (3600 vibrations per minute at 60 cycle power) produces a definite vibrating movement on the trough surface. 


ManufacturerFMC Syntron
Serial NumberGPMF51317
Stock Number4198
Location CodeD3
Dimensions (l x w x h)28" x 22" x 12"