Rheon Twin Divider + Punch Rounder

Rheon Twin Divider + Punch Rounder


The Rheon Twin Divider VX212 and Punch Rounder PR101 combine to make a stress free bread divider.

The Rheon Twin Divider VX212 accurately portions the dough sheet at a desired weight or length. The Stress Free System makes it easy to produce natural yeast breads and additive-free breads. An extensive variety of top-quality breads can be produced by manually forming the divided dough. Ideal for production of smaller products.

The Rheon Punch Rounder PR101 produces hand-made quality bread with its' dividing and rounding process. It connects directly to the Twin Divider VX212. Molding tightness and amount of degassing can be controlled digitally.

  • Dough seam is always on bottom
  • Adjustable rounding for desired cell structure


Serial Number00196
Stock NumberB2718MINHB
Power2.5 HP | 220V | 3 Phase