Lineapasta C1 Crepe Machine

Lineapasta C1 Crepe Machine


The Lineapasta Crepe Machine Model La Monferrina C1 is an automatic crepe making machine for the production of round and rectangular crepes with different ingredients.

  • The round crepe making machine produces crepes with a diameter of 7.7"
  • The rectangular crepe making machine produces crepes with a diameter between 6.3" - 7.9"

The machine is equipped with a 3L capacity batter tank, cooking drum protected by metallic grid, main control panel equipped with a working selector, and a digital display to set the cooking drum temperature. Thickness of crepe is adjusted by thickness of the batter (more liquid, thinner crepe).

  • Power: 3.3kW (4.4 HP) | 220V | 50/60Hz | 1 Ph
  • Production of Round Crepes: 300 pz/h
  • Production of Rectangular Crepes: 80 m/h


ModelC1 L 160
Serial NumberL21000268
Stock NumberB2707PCSON
Power4.4 HP | 220V | 50/60Hz | 1 Ph
Dimensions (l x w x h)16.5" x 39.5" x 19.5"