Complete Bottle Filling Line

Complete Bottle Filling Line


This complete bottling line includes 4 pieces of equipment to fit your bottle filling and labelling needs. Equipment:

Prospero Bottle Filler Model 5003-BIER 1998

  • The 5003 Bier monobloc is an automatic machine for in-line rinsing, de-aerating, filling, and capping of bottles of different sizes. It is formed by a rinsing station with 20 clamps, an isoberic filling station fitted with 16 taps, and a capping station comprising 3 crown capping heads. Comes with all additional parts purchased over the years to fit various bottle sizes. It has filled 330mL, 355mL, 650mL, and 750mL bottles on this line.
  • Production: 1900 Lt/H
  • Speed: 1000-5000 btl/H
  • Power: 7.5kW | 220V | 3PH | 60Hz

KOSME Bottle Labeler Machine EXTRA FIX 6T S2 E3

  • Label machine has ability to apply neck, back, and front labels to bottles. Has been used to apply labels to multiple size bottles from 330mL to 355mL to 650mL bottles.
  • Production: 4500 per hour
  • Power: 2.5kW | 220V | 60 Hz

Bottle Packing Machine

  • Bottle Packing Machine that is fully-automatic and pack up to 48 bottles at a time. Fully adjustable to fit bottle height.

Bottle Depalletizer

  • Custom built, semi-automatic depalletizer intended to work with the bottle filler.


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