Solbern Folding Machine RBF-6

Solbern Folding Machine RBF-6


The Solbern Burrito Folding Machine automatically folds tortillas into finished Burritos. The Machine is single lane with an output capacity of 60 Burritos per minute. Each lane consists of a series of folding platforms mounted on a specialized carrier chain providing an endless array. The tortillas are hand placed on each platform. The platforms convey the tortillas to a depositor station where the filling is deposited on  the tortillas. A cam assembly hinges the front section of each platform to  form the first fold over the filling. The platforms then rotate 90 degrees in preparation for the next folds. The platforms continue to a second cam assembly area where the second and third folds are performed. The hinged sections return to their original position in preparation for the transfer to the final fold stations. A lift arm in each platform transfers the partially folded Burrito onto a smooth conveyor belt, where the final folds will take place. The transfer is performed and a smooth belt conveys the Burrito to a set of jaws which folds the Burrito. The Burrito is released by the jaws and continues on the smooth conveyor to a second set of jaws where the final fold is performed, producing a finished Burrito.


HITACHI Ink Jet Printer

Model: RX-SD160W

The standard model offers a wide range of options so that the specification can be easily matched to the application requirements. Whether it is higher speeds, longer messages, 2D barcodes etc., the RX standard has everything to meet a wide and varied range of user's requirements.


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