PNEU-Con SC3000VP Whisper Vacuum Loader

PNEU-Con SC3000VP Whisper Vacuum Loader


The PNEU-Con SC3000VP-AL-8M-BTE “Whisper Loader” is a complete, self-contained conveying system with a Vibra-Pulse filter cleaning system, including:

  • 18" diameter spun and welded aluminum receiver housing.
  • PTFE pancake-style flat filter.
  • Pulse clean system - requires 1 SCFM @ 80 PSI of compressed air.
  • Flapper valve, high level for receiving hopper.

Vacuum motor, with:

  • Two (2) stage fan systems. All aluminum die-cast housings are used in motor construction.
  • Suitable for 120V AC operation, 60 Hz.

Electrical control panel (NEMA 1), including solid state PLC control system, run and maintenance indicator, circuit breaker overload protection, and power cord (12 ft).

Aluminum lid assembly, as well as aluminum construction, all product contact parts.

  • Working capacity: 1.5 cu.ft.
  • 3" O.D. Boxed material inlet.
  • 60° cone.
  • PVC flexible hose: 15' of 2.5" interior dimensions, with ground wire
  • Aluminum pick-up lance: 3" x 42", with bag guard
  • Interior standard finish, welds no grinding
  • Exterior standard finish, welds no grinding
  • Heavy-duty toggle clamps to hold the lid to the body

PNEU-Con Self-Cleaning Take-Off Adapter, equipped with:

  • Aluminum construction.
  • 3.0" O.D. probe and filter.
  • Airflow control valve.

Previously used for Hemp Hurd (wood chips), but It is possible to use in other products as well.


ManufacturerPneu-Con Pneumatic Conveying Inc.
Stock NumberB2587PITFA
Dimensions (h x dia)61" x 30.625"
Air requirement1 scfm @ 80 psi
* Working capacity1.5 cu. ft.