Reich UK 2500 BE - G 350 H Smokehouse


Reich UK 2500 BE - G 350 H Smokehouse


The Reich universal UK 2500 BE smokehouse is fully refurbished with a new G 350 H wood chip smoke generator, and a new MIC 3000 controller. Shower, steam, and cooling options purchased.

Ideal for drying, reddening, hot smoking, cold smoking, hot air cooking, baking, roasting, steam cooking, evacuating, ripening and climatic smoking.

With its superb air recirculation system, the chamber guarantees maximum performance and short processing times for optimal product quality. Chamber uses the "closed smoke system".

  • Range of temperature is from room temperature to 106°C.
  • Compressed air connection: R ¾" with 4 bar water flow pressure.
  • Compressed air connection: R ½" with 6-8 bar. 300L/min

Smokehouse is for one trolley, sized 100cm x 100cm x 200cm.


ManufacturerReich FoodSystems
Model2500 BE - G 350 H - MIC 3000
Stock NumberB2566COQLH