Fairview 14.5'L Double-Deck Conveying System

Fairview 14.5'L Double-Deck Conveying System


The Fairview double-deck conveying system was previously used to pack and wrap chocolates.

It is made up of two modular belts, the top one running to the left, the other to the right. Bottom belt sits on a 29"W working surface.

The whole system is one piece of welded stainless steel on sturdy casters.

Belts: 175"L x 5"W

Both belts have independent variable speed drives that run on regular 120V plugs.


ManufacturerFairview Conveyor Services
Stock NumberB2508VICRC
Dimensions (l x w)184" x 40"
Voltage230 x2
Amperage3.6 x2
Hz60 x2