Ramping Up Production

Organic Farmer Green Dirt Farms Turns to Steep Hill Equipment
to Help Meet Growing Demand (from Western Food Processor Magazine) 

“When Immian and Kymbrelee Wolfe decided to go back to their roots in farming it was 2012 and the couple were looking for away to alter a lifestyle that was not allowing them to spend critical time with their children.

The couple found a little plot of land in the Lillooet area in B.C. and tried their hand at growing vegetables while Immian continued to work in the Vancouver area during the week.Although modest, this was the beginning of Green Dirt Farms and the company’s own brand of organic greens and garlic.

Certified Organic by PACS and Canada GAP, the Wolfes follow the carefully laid out guidelines for organic growing
as outlined in the COR (Canada Organic Regime). “In addition,” says Immian, “we have chosen to grow veganically —meaning we do not use manures, blood meal, bone meal or any other animal based input on your food. We use only plant-based fertilizers, avoiding the hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and other undesirables that can sneak
into your body through the back door of growing practices.”

Green Dirt Farm currently offers five salad varieties including Spring Mix, Spinach,Arugula, Kale and Power Salad. They also offer organic garlic.“We harvest four-five days per week, wash, pack & ship fresh to grocery stores, restaurants & distributors in B.C. and Alberta.”

With a growing demand for their products, the couple decided to ramp up production and turned to Steep Hill Equipment to help them. Run by Brent Larsen and his wife Jill, Steep Hill buys, sells and refurbishes all types of used food equipment.

“We do not have a specific area of focus, but we have over 5,000 items in stock. A few examples are conveyors, metal detectors, meat equipment, grain handling, valves, and bakery equipment,” says Brent Larsen. “We have the ability and passion to help startup and multi-nationals. It is part of our culture to nurture all relationships, if our customers succeed we succeed.”

Immian first met Larsen while working with a food manufacturer in the bakery sector. “Brent helped us source quite a number of equipment items, as well as help us sell some unused assets. For the farm we were looking for several conveyors of different size — all food grade, as well as a net weigh filler and label applicator — for transporting produce through a cleaning line and into finished packages.”

Now based in their 7,000-sq. foot warehouse Steep Hill can not only source used equipment but can also help with small custom fabrication jobs.

“Steep Hill will be a fixture in my growing business” says Immian. “Their breadth of scope in equipment and helpfulness in all aspects of the equipment purchasing process are a huge help to our farm and to any growing business.”  – Western Food Processor Magazine