Located in Delta BC., Distillery includes all relevant equipment including some tanks which were recently purchased for future growth but not yet used. Casked whisky already aging to be included with the purchase. This distillery was producing Whisky and Vodka.

Open House Date to be set in the near future; please contact us if you would like more information.

Some Key Items include:

  • IC Filling Systems B6 Polaris Bottle Filler

Rinses, Fills, Corks, Labels, Date Codes, and adds tamper proof neckband to bottles.

10 head filler.

Was running 720 bottles/hour, up to approx 1400 bottles per hour depending on bottle and product.

  • 4 x Brand New 35HL Konig Brew Jacketed Tanks 

Manufactured 2023, never used in production

Jacket Rated for 35PSI and Vessels rated for 7KPA 

Includes load cells

  • Carl GmbH Pot Still

Manufactured 2017

Mash Filling Capacity: 2,650 liters

0.7 bar max operating pressure

Steam Heating - 800KG

Lower Zone Steam Bath Capacity - 425L

Upper Zone Steam Bath Capacity - 172L

  • Cleaver Brooks ClearFire-H Boiler

Model CFH-700-15-15#ST

Natural Gas, Input 148MBH - 591MBH

  • Cleaver Brooks M5M Watertube Boiler

Model M5M-2500, Series 700

Max Working Pressure 15PSI

Max Output 2,000,000 BTU per HR

Min Safety Valve Capacity 2,062 lbs per hr

Natural Gas, 500,000-2,500,000 BTU/hr input

  • Newer Crown 4,700LB forklift
  • Hyster 4,400LB forklift
  • Approximately 260 Barrel Racks for aging product

The Premises includes a tasting room, the main production room, and warehouse storage for ingredients, product storage, and whisky aging. There are office spaces in both the distillery proper and the warehouses which were recently renovated.