Although he has been working at Steep Hill Equipment for over a year now, Austin deserves to be introduced to the masses. He has had 9 years of sales experience prior to joining us. Under the leadership of Kale Trembath, our Sales Manager, Austin is already thriving in our fast-paced but fun environment.

When interviewed, Austin had this to say:

"I have always been drawn to working with people; I enjoy learning about them and what they do, and then I help identify their needs. I have learned to relate to people and to understand their points of view. No matter what is going on in the world or how different people may appear to be, sports and music can always bring people together from all walks of life. Either one give us something mutual to cheer for that has nothing to do with politics, race, religion, etc., and can really help you learn some of the best qualities people have to offer.

"I like working at Steep Hill: everybody is so kind and willing to help. The work environment they have created here is ideal for building trust and a relational culture, not just for each other but also for our valued customers. We strive to be the best used equipment dealer in the world and the culture that we have built here certainly reflects that."

Welcome aboard, Austin!