The weekly walk-around with Brent keeps you on your toes as he rapidly features some of the equipment we sell. He makes a stop along the way to talk to Chris, the electrician. Below are links to some of the equipment that “flashed” by. If you saw something that wasn’t linked, make sure to give us a shout.

C-B Thermaflex Plate Heat Exchanger, 1200 Gallon Jacketed Tank, C-B 2000 Gallon Jacketed Tank, Abco Blancher, Northwest Cleated 30° Incline Conveyor, Sollich Chocolate Tempering Machine, Lakewood Fill-By-Weight Scales, Esmach Spiral Mixer, Lock Metal Detector, Scales & Conveyor, Hobart Mixers, Centrifugal Flour Sifter, and last but definitely not least: VMI Double Spiral Mixer.

Enjoy the day!