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Cozzini Buggy/Tote Dumpers
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Also click here for new column lift hydraulic Click Here

Auger Conveyor
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SS Double Wall Paddle Blender
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Vemag Robot HP10 Sausage Stuffer
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11′ SS conveyor
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150 HP Low-Pressure Hot Water Boiler 
Clever Brooks Click Here 

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Many Tanks to Choose From:

Double 300 Gallon Cream Tank 
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3,000 Gallon Horizontal SS Tanks with agitation 
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A few conveyors:

U-Turn Packing Conveyor
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Key Iso-Flo SS Shaker Conveyor
16′ long all SS with platform
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12′ Auger Conveyor All SS 
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100 ft Auger Conveyor 
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Flexmove Wedge Elevator
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10′ x 20″ Food grade conveyor with washdown motor Click Here
7′ x 30″ Food grade conveyor with washdown motor Click Here
10′ x 20″ x 6′ high Food grade conveyor with washdown Click Here

Spiral Cooler Conveyor Click Here
2007 Aero Industries
Aluminum Frame
1.7 Radius Configuration
Foot Print 12ft x 20ft High
KVP Plastic Spiral 2′ pitch 20′ wide
Usable Belt: 650Ft.
Tier spacing 5 inches clear & 17 tiers

HFFS Pouch Former (Stand Up Pouch) Click Here
This unit is brand new still in the crate.
This machine makes stand-up pouches from
roll stock.  Does not include filler or scales.  Save money
and make your own bags on site.  You will get
these at a fraction of new and they are actually new.

3 Lane Cup Filler PR3 (Liquid – yogurt, sauces etc)
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Finding a Solution to your Food Processing & Packaging Equipment Needs.

Make an offer on this VFFS machine! 
General VFFS with double head scales
This machine was bagging bird seed previous in large 20″ wide heavy duty bags. It is a workhorse and needs a home.  Best suited for non-human.
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A few of our Recent Additions: 

Sweco 30″ Sifter Click Here
Cozzini Bin Dumpers Click Here
5-Roll Chocolate Refiner Click Here
Hopper, Scale and Feeder Click Here
Many 3M Box Tapers In Stock Click Here
Schneck Ingredient Portioner Click Here
Hopper with Vibratory Feeder Click Here
Imaje S8 Classic Ink Jet Coder Click Here
Markem SmartDate 5 Controller Click Here
Stainless Steel Packing Table Click Here
Meyer 4′ Vibratory Conveyor Click Here
SS Tote Dumper with Hopper Click Here
60,000 kg Working Truck Scale Click Here
80 Gallon SS Steam Kettle with Agitation Click Here
60 Gallon Self Contained SS Steam Kettle Click Here
60 Gallon Self Contained SS Steam Kettle Click Here
40 Gallon Agitated Jacketed Steam Kettle Click Here
340 qt AMF Glen Mixer Click 2 Bowls Click Here
COP System SS (2 part with Pumps) Click Here
Bottom Jacketed Pressure Vessels Click Here
Hobart 60 QT Mixer Bowl & Guard Click Here
20 QT Salad or Vegetable spinner Click Here
Prax Air 9′ IQF Tunnel Freezer Click Here
Goslyn Model Grease Trap Click Here
10 Gallon steam kettle Click Here
SS Ribbon Blender Click Here
Large SS Ribbon Blender Click Here
CapPlus 5CF Ribbon Blender Click Here
MegaMix Powder Mixer Click Here
3′ Hydraulic pallet lift Click Here
Acrison Weight-Loss-Differential Weigh Feeder Click Here
SS Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Click Here
Ramsey Icore Checkweigher Click Here
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Fillers/Scales/Baggers (Fill by Weight/Volume)  
Weigh Right Vibratory Filling Scale Click Here
All-Fill SHAA-400 Auger Filler Click Here
Spee-Dee Volumetric Cup Filler Click Here
Mateer Semi-Automatic Liquid Filler Click Here
All-Fill B-250 Auger Powder Filler Click Here
Matrix VFFS (with linear scales) Click Here
Per-Fil Double Auger Powder Filler Click Here
General VFFS Wide Pillow Pack with scales Click Here
Speedee Volume Cup Filler Click Here  (2 available)
Liquid VFFS small pouches Click Here

Berry Equipment
We can build box (Lakewood) fillers Click Here
Volumetric Clam Shell Filler Click Here
Lakewood Double Head Portion Fill by Weight Click Here
Brand New Single Bulk Fillers Click Here 
Lakewood Berry Dryer Click Here
10′ Rotary Berry Sifter – SOLD Click Here
20′ Auger for Separating Berry Juice from Skins Click Here
Lakewood Berry Dryer Click Here
Lakewood Berry Destoner Click Here
12′ Rolling SS Hopper Click Here
Need a metal detector?  We have 4 in stock Click Here
5 Various 10″ Wide Conveyors Click Here
4′ Long by 15″ Wide Conveyor Click Here
3 Expandable Skatewheel Conveyors Click Here
3′ Wide Incline Cleated Conveyor Click Here
Incline Conveyor with Accumulation Table Click Here
74′ of Stainless Steel Conveyor Click Here
7′ High Auger Conveyor Click Here
10′ discharge height incline conveyor Click Here 
5′ flat conveyor, 8″ wide Click Here
SS Incline Packaging Conveyor (take away) Click Here
8′ x 11″ SS conveyor Click Here
6.5′ x 21″ SS conveyor Click Here
6.5′ x 12″ SS Conveyor Click Here
6.5′ x 8″ SS Conveyor Click Here
9′ x 1′ SS Conveyor Click Here
11′ x 2′ SS conveyor Click Here
12′ X 11″ food grade packing line conveyor Click Here
13.5′ long by 7.5″ wide Conveyor Click Here
15′ Long, 3′ Wide Conveyor Click Here
15′ Long SS Wire Conveyor Click Here
20′ Long, 3′ Wide Conveyor Click Here
20′ Cleated Incline Conveyor Click Here
Bucket Elevator Click Here
roller conveyor (several available)
10″ roller conveyor (new) Click Here
Powered Roller Conveyor Click Here
4.5′ x 21.5″ Roller Conveyor Click Here
Auger Screw Conveyors 
20′ Perforated Screw Conveyor 12″ Diameter Click Here
100′ Auger Conveyor Click Here
12.5′ Auger with Hopper Click Here
19.5′ Screw Auger 9″ diameter Click here
11′ screw auger with SS hopper 4″ diameter Click Here
7′ high incline SS screw conveyor 12″ screw Click Here
Hundreds of feet of conveyor belt in stock Click Here
Shaker/Vibratory Conveyors Feeders 
Best Shaker Conveyor SS 72″X48″ Pan (New) Click Here
Heat and Control Fastback 74″ Conveyor Click Here
Pack Rite Vibratory Feeder Click Here
6′ wide x 2′ Vibrating Conveyor Click Here
5 ft SS Eriez Vibratory Conveyor Deep Pan Click Here
5′ Eriez High Speed (HS) range of Vibratory Feeder Click Here
4.5′ Eriez Dimpled Vibratory Feeder Click Here
Multivac AG 800 Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer Click Here
Multivac R5200 Thermoformer Form Fill Seal Click Here
Multivac R140 Rollstock Machine Click Here
FlowPack Flow Wrapper Click Here
Uline Foot Pedal Bag Sealers Click Here
Weighpack Zippy Bagger and Sealer Click Here
Damark L-Sealer and Heat Tunnel Click Here
AccuSeal HDMP Bag Sealer Click Here
Gramatech Vacuum Bag Sealer Click Here
Bel 505 G3 Case Former Click Here
Ostma Lidder Click Here
Ostma Former Click Here
Pack-Vac Leak Detector Click Here
Casna Premade Pouch Filler Click Here
Koch Crossweb Labeler Click Here
Adco 15D Cartoner Click Here
Liquid Form Fill Seal machine Click Here
Cryovac Steam Tunnel Click Here
Velotus HFFS Packing Machine Click Here
Packline Vertical Spindle Reel Handling Machine Click Here
Labelaire Model 2111M spot labeller Click Here
Herma Model: H400 Labeler Click Here
Associated Label 2 Head with Conveyor Click Here 
Seal-a-Tron T-405 and S-1620 Heat Tunnel Click Here
Several Box Tapers Available Click Here
Bell 505 Box Former just in
Capmatic Super Jollie Automatic Capper with elevator
KPAK VFFS Bagger Click Here 
Damark STR16 Heat Tunnel Click Here
Swan-Matic Cap Master Capper Table Top Click Here
Roll-Tite DM 4354 Bottle Cap Tightener Click Here
Goodman Case Filler Click Here
Meat/Cheese/Processing Related 
1 & 2 Truck Smoke Houses Click Here
Berkel Deli Meat Cheese Slicer Click Here
Biro 5HP Meat Grinder Click Here
Butcher Boy SA20 Band Saw Click Here
Weber CCS 5000 Meat Slicer Click Here
Weber CCS 7000 Meat Slicer Click Here
Helper Double Sausage Clipper Click Here
SS Vacuum Meat Tumbler Click Here
Thermoforming Packaging Machine Tiromat M420 Click Here
Mainca EM-30 Sausage Stuffer Click Here
Handtmann VF300 Vacuum Stuffer Click Here
SS Pneumatic Meat Presses (2 Available) Click Here
CVP A-200 Vacuum Sealer Click Here
PAC Vacuum Impulse Sealer Flush Click Here
Food Logistik Dicer 900KG/HOUR Click Here
Hitec Linkwel-X Sausage Linker Click Here
Holac Dicer 100L Click Here
Biro 44 Band Saw Click Here
Inotec Curved Sausage Cutter Click Here
Seydelmann Vacuum Cutter 324 Litre Click Here
SS Hydraulic Buggy Lift (Cleaning) Click Here
Risco Model 2000 Vacuum Sausage Stuffer Click Here
SS Meat Table Click Here
SS Wash Table Click Here
Mepaco Mixer Grinder Cooker Click Here
1000 gallon SS double ribbon vacuum blender Click Here
Bloemhof Dough Sheeter-Moulder Click Here
Rollfix Dough Sheeter Click Here
Sourdough Fork Mixer Click Here
BakeMax Gravity Bread Slicer Click Here
Continuous Fondant Machine Click Here
Hatco Vertical Conveyor Toaster Click Here
Roll in Rack Proofer Click Here
Hobart 140qt Mixer Click Here
Bakers Pride Countertop Pizza Oven Click Here
Bakon Tart Press (hand operated) Click Here
Cream King Whip Cream Machine Click Here
Tilting Skillet Click Here
AMF 340QT Mixer Click Here
Unifiller Depositor Click Here
Oystar 3 Lane Cup Filler (Yogurt or Dips) Click Here
Unifiller cupcake Depositor Click Here
Bloemhoff Bread Bagger Click Here
Savage Bros Chocolate Melter Click Here
Metal Detectors 
Lock Fall-Through Metal Detector Click Here
Lock Metal Detector with Conveyor Click Here
Newer Lock Metal Detector with Incline Conveyor Click Here
Fortress with Conveyor Click Here (Sold)
75 Gallon Half Cylinder Tank Click Here
400 Gallon SS bottom Jacketed Tank Click Here
Horizontal Tanks 15,000L, 20,000L, 29,000L, Click Here
15,000L Vertical Tank Click Here
1000 Gallon SS Dairy Tank Click Here
100 Gallon Floor Holding Tanks Click Here
175 Gallon SS Storage Tank Click Here
Mueller 8000 Gallon Milk Tank Click Here
Hydraulic Oil Tank (1,500 Gallon)
7000 Liter Jacketed Milk Tank with Agitation Click Here
5,000 Litre SS tanks (not jacketed no agitation) Click Here
5,000 gallon vertical SS tank with jacket  Click Here
6′ Diameter SS Mixing Tank Click Here
8′ SS tank Click Here
6′ SS tank Click Here
115 Gallon Tank Click Here
Horizontal 3000 Gallon Tank Click Here
500 Gallon Stainless Steel Holding Tanks (9 Available) Click Here
3000 Gallon SS Silo Tank Click Here
8′ Diameter Grain Silos Click Here
13′ Diameter Grain Silo Click Here
LBB Bohle 2000 Gallon Tank Click Here
10 Gallon Jacketed Tank Click Here

Velo 6500 Gallon Rotary Tumbler Tanks
Click Here

Other items of interest 
FitzMill Grinder Click Here
Stainless Bin Lift Click Here
Mobile Bin Lift Click Here
Hughes Corn Cob Cutting Line Click Here
MTA Water Chiller Click Here
7.5hp Centrifugal Blower Click Here
500 Square Feet of Freezer Panels Click Here
Lorenz Dual Control Gate Click Here
Roller Conveyor with Scale Click Here
Thermo Ramsey Checkweigher Click Here
Ishida Checkweigher Click Here
Atlas Copco GA18 Compressor Click Here
General Dust Collector Click Here
SS Table with Integrated Scale Click Here
70 Gallon Ecolab Klenzade CIP Click Here
Armstrong Heat Exchanger Click Here
Devair 15HP Compressor Click Here
Goslyn Grease Extractor Click Here
Bäro UV-C disinfection system Click Here
Spencer 150SCFM Dust Collector Click Here
Centrifuge Separator Click Here
Pick-to-Light Units Click Here
3-tank CIP System Click Here
Ingersol Rand Compressor Dryer Click Here
Signum Steam Cleaner (Parts) Click Here 
Ishida DACS Checkweigher Click Here
40 HP Centrifugal Pump Click Here
Tenkay Dust Collector Click Here
AAF Optiflo Dust Collection System Click Here
Industrial Dust Collector Cyclone Click Here
PPS Induction Cap Sealer  Click Here
Radial Piston Motors, Pumps, & Pumphouse Click Here
Pallet Racking Click Here
SS Candy/Chocolate Polisher Click Here
SS Mixing Tank with Agitator 300 Gallon approx Click Here
Cherry Burrell Scrape Surface Thermutator 624 Click Here
Warehouse Lights (30) Click Here
30 HP MAC Blower Click Here
Enermax Heat Exchanger (Steam to Water) Click Here
Pneumatic Press for Making Energy Bars Click Here
Taylor Power Generator with Container Enclosure Click Here 
Do you require more space and would like to clear your idle Equipment?
C02 Blast Freezer Conveyor
Click Here

Complete Green Bean Processing Line
Click Here

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Stay tuned for upcoming auctions.  Our last auction was another big success for both buyers and our customer.

BC Family owned and operated.  From small beginnings, we have been growing over the past five years thanks to our customers.

On behalf of our staff Brent, Wu, Andy and Min we thank you for your business.

Just Arrived:

  • 3,000 Gallon Horizontal Jacketed Tank
  • Berry Destemmer
  • Berry De-stoning conveyor
  • 5 new conveyors
  • Vacuum Tumbler
  • Rotary Mixer
  • Urschel Model N

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Markham S8 ink jet Date Coder (in use as of October)
Great Condition Click Here

  • 9 – SS tanks single wall 6′ x 4′ diameter 
  • Fondant making machine (icing on the cake!) 
  • Bread Slicers 
  • 15 HP air compressor 
  • 16″ wide by 8.5′ SS belt conveyor with VSD 
  • Buggie/Bowl Lifter (Bakery)

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“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.” – Vince Lombardi

We have a new location: #2 – 31255 Wheel Ave

From pretty humble beginnings we have grown to a 6,000 sq. ft warehouse and 20,000 sq feet of yard space.  We owe the growth to our dedicated staff and valued customers.  We feel blessed and fortunate.

We Build 48″ & 36″ Accumulation Tables
SS construction

“The fundamental impulse that sets and keeps the capitalist engine in motion comes from the new consumers’ goods, the new methods of production or transportation, the new markets, the new forms of industrial organization that capitalist enterprise creates.” – Joseph Schumpeter

“It’s easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date.” — Roger von Oech

“When the United States was formed in 1776, it took 19 people on the farm to produce enough food for 20 people. So most of the people had to spend their time and efforts on growing food. Today, it’s down to 1% or 2% to produce that food. Now just consider the vast amount of supposed unemployment that was produced by that. But there wasn’t really any unemployment produced. What happened was that people who had formerly been tied up working in agriculture were freed by technological developments and improvements to do something else. That enabled us to have a better standard of living and a more extensive range of products.” – Milton Friedman

Inject Star Tumblers – Sold

Our Food Equipment goes Hollywood.
Do you watch the science fiction show The 100? Also, a new series on Netflix, out soon, called A Series of Unfortunate Events?
Many scenes will include Steep Hill Equipment – mostly stainless items. You food guys will pick out the items for sure!

Stopping in at the Speedee Booth at Pack Ex last year. *We have two of these in stock, volumetric fillers(great for dosing salt or other granular items – even cereal).

We also made some great connections at IBIE 2016 in Vegas in October this year. 

4.5 ft Eriez Vibratory Conveyor

Tote dumper with vibratory pan under

Yes all these pictures you see are available for sale

3,000 gallon single jacket SS tank horiztonal

8 SS tanks 8′ x 4′ diameter

9′ incline conveyor
Click Here 

10 Head Fill by Weight Berry Filler Brand: BBC
Click Here


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