Quik-Coat QSD Seasoning Drum

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Quik-Coat QSD Seasoning Drum

MakeFOODesign Quik-Coat
Dimensions (L x W x H)114" x 60" x 63"
Location CodeR

Multi-flight stainless steel seasoning drum with continuous oil spray.

Drum interior: 79L x 28″ diameter, overall length: 79″

Baffles (12): 73″L

Rotaary speed controlled by a KB Genesis AC motor speed control.

Uni-Spense Dry Ingredient Distributor with “Bridge-Buster, a stainless steel dry spice supply hopper. It needs delivery augers and a dry spice distribution tube.

Hopper: 16″ diameter x 21” deep

Oil sprayer needs a pressure pot like this one.

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