Oliver Maxi-Cap™ 3600 Gravity Separator

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Oliver Maxi-Cap™ 3600 Gravity Separator


ModelMaxi-Cap™ 3600
Dimensions (L x W x H)157" x 111" x 98"
Power575 V | 25.6 A | 3 Ph | 60 Hz

NEW, never used.

Removes impurities by density (stone, glass, metal, sands, etc) from your product.

Rate: 480 barrels per hour, or 24,000 lbs per hour, based on cereals


  • machine-mounted operator console with platform
  • enclosed framework with rectangular deck
  • active counterbalance system for complete vibration dampening
  • electronic controlled deck eccentric
  • multi-fan system with independent air volume control for prevision adjustment
  • hydraulic deck adjustments with heavy skim cut-out gates
  • spring-loaded, adjustable rock trap
  • high-side, fast-flow blender trough for reduced material loss & quick conveyance
  • pre-aspirating adjustable feeder housing
  • new flush-mount air filters
  • improved deck design for better topside air pattern
  • complete electrical cabinet, high voltage
  • coated over-cover or twill stainless steel

Available with new modular deck design included in base pricing.




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