HAC Mastermatic MF 8-24 Continuous Paper Filter

MakeHeat And Control | Mastermatic
ModelMF 8-24
Dimensions (L x W x H)113" x 40" x 90"
Serial Number2349
Power208 V | 7.4 A | 3 Ph
ID2893 PL

Continuously removes flour, breading crumbs, batter, nut sediment and other fines to keep frying oil clean.

Fines are captured on filter paper and removed from filter.

Fits fryers with oil flow rate: 20 GPM, or 76 LPM

Filter tank: 79″L x 25″W x 9″D

Wire belt: 100″L x 24″W

Filter paper: 24″W

Two motors: one Baldor Reliance 1 hp Super-E, and one Baldor .25 hp industrial.

Comes with extra filter paper.

Requires connection to electricity and the fryer system.

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