Pneumatic Meat Netting Machine

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Pneumatic Meat Netting Machine

Dimensions (L x W x H)107" x 30" x 45"
Location CodeCT4

Pneumatic piston pushes the meat into the stuffing horn; the horn helps you get the netting onto your product.

Netting holds the shape of the meat during cooking or smoking process.

Infeed trough: 16″L (usable 13.5″) x 6″W x 5.75″D

Piston: 45″L, piston head: 5.25″ diameter

Stuffing horn: 26″L x 5.75″ diameter

Sleeve: 12″L x 6.5″ diameter

Netting roller: 23.25″L

Inclined table: 14″L x 8.75″W

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