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Pouch Print & Apply Labeller

Dimensions (L x W x H)84" x 38" x 86"

Flat pouches are fed to the labeller before being sent off to be filled.

From left to right:

Thiele Streamfeeder V-1000 High-Speed Continuous Feeder
• Max pouch size: 18″L x 12″W, min: 3″L x 2.5″W
• Belt speed: 7800 in/min
• Power: 115/230 V | 3 A | 50/60 Hz

SATO S84-ex Print Engine
• High volume printing
• Two-colour status LED and LCD
• Resolution: 203, 305 or 609 dpi

EL Mark UPA-II Print & Apply Labelling System
• SN: UPA-II-1303RT06-05-1445
• Power: 110 V | 5 A | Single Phase

System includes a SMARTEYE EZ-PRO proximity sensor, as well as an SMC single acting plate cylinder.



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