Meheen Bottling Station


ModelM2 "S" Series / ML
Serial Number2S11OIP081216L / ML2A08121601
Power115 VAC | 17 A | 60 Hz
ID2103, 2104

Purges, fills, carbonates, crowns, and labels with date code/lot code. Both units have seen very low hours with no issues and was set up for “stubby” bottles.

M2 Bottle Filler (2103)
Designed for bottling carbonated beverages, under cold counter pressure conditions, directly from the bottling tank.

  • Has 2 filling heads / crowners
  • Production rate: up to 12 bottles/min (based on 12 oz/355 mL bottle)
  • Bottle capability: 2.1″-7.0″ diameter
  • Compressed air: 15 cfm @ 90 psi
  • CO2 requirements: 4 cfm@ 40 psi

ML Bottle Labeller (2104)
Designed to apply pressure-sensitive labels onto a variety of glass, plastic or aluminum round containers.

  • Applies front only, front & back, and full wrap labels at a rate of up to 60 per minute.
  • Bottle grabber plate is for easy bottle handling, rinsing and loading.

Comes with operating manuals.


2103, 2104


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