Kwik Lok 872B Automatic Bag Closer

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Kwik Lok 872B Automatic Bag Closer


MakeKwik Lok
Dimensions (L x W x H)152" x 45" x 65"
Power115/120 V | 17/15 A | 1/8 Hp

Closes, tags and imprints bagged products, such as bread, , veggies, candy, snack foods, bulk meat, and disposable dishes.

Machine uses an electronic sensor to determine width of bag and then starts closing cycle.

Rate: 110 bags/minute.

Flow direction: right

Belt Conveyor
Model: CR, Type: 1083FB
Belt: 34″L x 18″W, work height: 31″
Cleats: 17″W x 1″H, set 12″ apart

Closure Tagger
Model: ISFJNRPR, Type: 872B

Will print price, code and/or date information.
Model: 1011

Brush roller: 18.5″W x 4 diameter

Discharge roller conveyor: 7.5″L x 19.5″W, current discharge height: 25″

Powered by a Bodine Electric 1/8 hp motor.

Needs a bag tensioner.

References: Conveyor 1083FB and Imprinter 1011


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