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Velotus HFFS Packing Machine

Make Velotus
Year 2014
Dimensions (L x W x H) 180" x 49" x 73"
Weight 2000kg
Power 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase, 6.8 Kw
Condition New

Velotus HFFS Packaging Machine

This is a full bag forming (stand up pouch) and filling machine. Any type of scale that can be mounted above the infeed zone will work. The machine can do different bag sizes but if you stray too far from our size you probably need to change sealing jaw sizes. The way it works is that the film advance dictates your bag width and the film roll size dictates the height- then there are these massive scissors that cut the finished bags from each other. It’s all completely adjustable that way. The final top weld that seals the top is where you might need the right sealing insert if you are doing a wider bag.

  • Pouch size: (85-210) mm X (165-260) mm X 80mm
  • Roll diameter: 550mm
  • Roll width: 600mm
  • Pneumatic expansion shaft diameter: 76mm
  • Pouch type: stand up pouch with zipper
  • Output: 35 pouches/min
  • Power supply: 415V 50HZ
  • Air consumption: 0.6M³/min
  • Noise level: <75Db
  • Dimensions, main unit: 180″ x 40″ x 56″
  • Dimensions, film advance: 100″ x 62″ x 68″
  • We needed gas flush capability – diving nozzle for gas.
Click here for a video (very similar)
Click here  for video on the doy pack which gives you an idea of the process again
970 C4 and 967 C4
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