Allpac SW Super-Sanwrap™ Fin Seal Wrapper

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Allpac SW Super-Sanwrap™ Fin Seal Wrapper

Serial Number 8056
Model SW Super-Sanwrap
Power 220 V | 30 A | 3 Phase

A fully automatic horizontal wrapper that is capable of up to 120 ppm, depending on length of product and type of film.

  • Product is moved into the forming tunnel via the infeed conveyor
  • Wrapping material is formed into a tube, the two edges are brought together into a fin which is then sealed by two heated rollers.
  • Package ends are sealed and cutoff by a pair of heated rotary jaws before being discharged on the belt conveyor

Range: 3″ – 12″ L, 1½” – 7″ W, ½”-3½” H

Roll: up to 22½”W

Stainless steel conveyor: 117″L x 11″W, infeed height: 38½”

Belt conveyor: 35″L x 8¼”W, discharge height: 40″

Aperture: 10″W x 5½”H


2342 1C4

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