Thermo Goring Kerr DSP3/S Metal Detector

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Thermo Goring Kerr DSP3/S Metal Detector

MakeThermo Goring Kerr
Dimensions (L x W x H)83" x 43" x 50"
Power120/230 V | 0.25
Location CodeD8

Operates on the balance coil full loop detection system. Three equally spaced coils surround the aperture: one is the oscillator coil, the other two are the receiving coils. The oscillator produces an electromagnetic field. The receiving coils oppose each other, creating a zero net signal. A piece of metal entering the field changes the balance, causing an error signal.

Aperture: 16″L x 11.5″W x 6″H

Reject bin: 11″L x 20″W x 25″D

Inclined conveyor, infeed height: 29.5″, discharge height: 46″

Modular belt: 73″L x 13″W, usable: 11.5″W
Powered by a Baldor 1/2 hp industrial motor and DB gearbox.

Strobe light and reject system need repair.

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