Namoku Tsuma-Taro Vegetable Spiral Cutter

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Namoku Tsuma-Taro Vegetable Spiral Cutter

Serial Number 421
Make Namoku
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38" x 31" x 85"


The flat blade mimics the knife-cutting technique, called katsuramuki, which involves cutting around the circumference of a vegetable (most often daikon radishes or carrots) to obtain one continuous paper-thin sheet. With a julienne blade, you can cut long fine strips.

The Panasonic SF4C-M16 Ultra Slim Safety Light Curtain provides a safety guard to protect from injuries.

Gear wheel: 10″ diameter

Slicing blade: 3″ long

Comes with box of extra parts

Needs compressed air to operate


2030 B6