Handtmann VF 300B Vacuum Filler

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Handtmann VF 300B Vacuum Filler


ModelVF 300B
Dimensions (L x W x H)68" x 60" x 80"
Serial Number3226
Power400 V | 23. 6 A | 50 Hz

Vacuum Filler, or Sausage Stuffer, is ideal for filling and portioning sausage and meat products, as well as baked goods and dough, dairy products, and much more.

The vane-cell feed system provides gentle product handling without squashing, forcing or tearing.

SS split-hopper: 39.5″ diameter x 28″ deep

Hopper capacity: 350L, lower part: 90L.

Filling capacity: 10,000 kg/h, pressure: up to 35 bar

Portion speed: 500/min, range: 5-10,000 grams

Lifting device: max capacity 250 kg

Comes with built-in step for easy access, and an accessory box.

Needs a new controller.

Manual available


2761 DD1


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