Risco TR160M Automatic Angle Grinder

ModelTR 160M
Dimensions (L x W x H)72" x 60" x 72"
Power30 HP, 440V, 38A, 3-Phase, 22kW
ID1616 CT4

Angular system designed for high production of processed meats, fats, cheese, and other foodstuffs.

Stainless steel construction

  • Two mixing paddles convey the product to feeding auger at the bottom of hopper
  • Feeding auger set at a 90° angle to the grinding auger
  • Hopper: 325 liter capacity
  • Cutting plates: 160 mm diameter, comes with different size grinding holes

A deboning device, fitted at the product outlet, can separate solid pieces, nerves and gristle

Automation of TR 160M achieved by connecting to the Buggy Lifter/Dumper


1616 CT4

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