Namoku Tsuma-Taro Vegetable Spiral Cutter

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Namoku Tsuma-Taro Vegetable Spiral Cutter

Dimensions (L x W x H)38" x 31" x 85"
Serial Number421
ID2030 B2


The flat blade can mimic katsuramuki, and cuts around the circumference of daikon radishes or carrots to make one continuous paper-thin sheet. Though it is mainly used to cut vegetables, it can also cut thin slices of meat, called sashima.

The julienne blade attachment cuts vegetable into long fine strips.

The Panasonic SF4C-M16 Ultra Slim Safety Light Curtain protects from injuries.

Gear wheel: 10″ diameter

Blade: 3″ long

Comes with box of extra parts.

Needs compressed air to operate.


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