Refrigeration Equipment

Refrigeration Equipment



Refrigeration equipment available for sale. See photos for the following:

CU 1 Water Chiller

CU2 High Care Cake (Sponge) Cooler
Model: 7DB-0500-TFE-001
Date: 1987

CU4 Three-Cylinder Blast Freezers (x2)
Model: 3DB3F33KE-TFE-800
SN: 14L62531R

CU5 Russell Croissant Cooler

CU7 Glycol Chiller
Model: BZT1000M6D
SN: T10D01397

CU8 Blast Freezer Bake Side
Model: CDT2200L6E
SN: T14F13255

CU9 Walk-In Cooler Bake Side
Model: KESA076H8-HT5B-17164

CU11 Bohn Dough Cooler
Model: BCH0015MCACZX1754
SN: T21D18736

CU12 Walk-In Cooler

EVAP 2 Bohn Sponge Cooler
Model: H (6 fans)
SN: D07A00208
Power: 115V

Model: LET180BK
SN: T14A16097

EVAP 5A & 5B Keeprite SOLD
Model: KUCB255BED
SN: 040402

EVAP 6A & 6B Keeprite SOLD
Model: KLP426MA S2B CA6NN
SN: 142301947

EVAP 8 Cancoil Blast Freezer
Model: GHP 1126 3A
SN: 0019202U

EVAP 9 Blanchard-Ness Walk-In Cooler
Model: SC-7090-H4
SN: 88021084

EVAP 11 Bohn Dairy Dough Cooler

Cancoil Condensers (x4)
Model: A+L33M-18-126-83.0VC-0300H-FCX-GG

For the complete list of equipment for sale, click Refrigeration List


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