Aerofreeze IQF Tunnel

Aerofreeze IQF Tunnel

Power575 V | 308 A | 350 Hp | 3 Ph

IQF = Individual Quick Freezing

Used for Berries, running 5,000lbs per hour on a 9-12 minute cycle.

Two SS conveyor belts, 1 freeze and 1 dwell. Product fed onto freezing belt for a quick surface freeze, then dropped onto dwell belt where product accumulated to finish freezing.

Approx. 10,000 hours used on a 10hr freeze/2hr defrost cycle for 6 weeks per year for 12 years.

Includes an Evapco LRW682 closed circuit cooler, as well as a Vilter VSS1201 single screw compressor unit, and a Baldor 350 hp motor


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