Inoxpa SLR 3-80 Rotary Lobe Pump

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Inoxpa SLR 3-80 Rotary Lobe Pump


ModelSLR 3-80
Serial Number200306-B
Power575 V | 60 Hz | 4 kW
ID2290 C4

This positive displacement rotary lobe pump with sanitary design is suitable for use in dairy, food processing, beverage and other industries.

The pump is perfect for managing all kinds of fluid, of either low or high viscosity.

Also used for filtering and bottling applications.

Volume at 100 rev: 95.3 litres

Max flow: 41.2 m3/h

Max pressure: 7 bar

Click SLR_Rotary Lobe Pump for further specs.

Baldor-Reliance 10 hp Washdown Motor

Dodge-Quantis Gearbox with input speed of 1750 rpm, and output torque of 7067 IN-LB max.


2290 C4


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