Diaphragm Expansion Tank with Pump

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Diaphragm Expansion Tank with Pump

MakeReflex | Grundfos
Dimensions (L x W x H)24" x 12" x 21"
Location CodeC4

Diaphragm expansion tank for sealed solar, heating and cooling water systems.

Reflex Expansion Tank
Model: ‘reflex S’ 8
SN: 12M0628 81012
Nominal Volume: 8 L
Max allowable working temp/flow temp: 120°C
Max allowable working temp/diaphragm: 70°C
Precharge Pressure: 1.5 bar
MAWP: 10 bar

Grundfos 0.55 kW Pump Motor
Model: MG71B2-14FT85-C
SN: DE 62-4.22.C3

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