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PEAK Precision Generators & Compressor

MakePEAK Scientific

A compact modular, stackable design for GC gas supply, like this one: ISQ 7000 GC-MS System.

From top to bottom:

Zero Air Generator
Supplies clean, dry, hydrocarbon-free air to used as detector gas.
RS386_Precision Zero Air Datasheet

Nitrogen Trace Generator
Provides a constant and consistent source of zero nitrogen for carrier and detector gas.
RS385_Precision Nitrogen Trace Data Sheet

Hydrogen Trace Generator
Suitable for flame gas and carrier gas at trace detection limits.
RS383_Precision Hydrogen Trace Data Sheet

Air Compressor
Independent air supply for Nitrogen and Zero Air Generators.
Duplex compressor mounting system to dampen noise and vibration.
RS381_Precision Compressor Spec Sheet

Like new, hardly used.

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