Holmatic (RA Jones) PR3 Cup Filler – 2 sizes

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Holmatic (RA Jones) PR3 Cup Filler – 2 sizes

RA Jones 3 lane cup piston filler (Oystar) 


YEAR: 2013


Full MAP system included

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Holmatic PR Filling system

Has very low hours.

15 cycles per minute

This machine runs two sizes. This machine comes with  two sets of change plates, tooling and heater parts

  • 4 ½ round (Z3451 containers and L408 lids Airlite Plastics)
  • 5 x 2 ¼ oval containers (132x87x47 – supplied by IML Containers


  • Max Fill Capacity: 41 oz.
  • Max Pre/Post Fill: 6.7 oz.
  • Max Container Height: 6 inches

Upgraded MAP system:

The system is a full flush system without vacuum.

MAP was an added cost of $50,000 and the total cost for the machine new was US$400k.

The MAP system was purchased as an option. It was a plate bolt-on system mounted on studs. After the depositor, it brought the gas levels down to 4.5% O2. MAP SYSTEMS INC

Former owners were seeing results under 1%; they replaced it with stripper plates that brought the level down to 0.8% O2 designed by RA JONES

Heated Hopper

Piston Fillers

Fully operational when removed.


  • Cake batters/fruit pie fillings and toppings
  • Candy/liquid and dry
  • Chicken/pasta/potato/tuna salads
  • Household care products
  • Jams/jellies
  • Peanuts/peanut butter
  • Pet treats
  • Salsa/sauces/soups
  • Snack foods
  • Dressings
  • Dips
  • Crackers
  • Nuts
  • Cereals
  • Many others

Dimensions: 20ft long

Width: 8 ft widest point

4 ft conveyor portion.