Spee-Dee 3500 Digitronic Servo Auger Filler

Dimensions (L x W x H)47" x 39" x 69"
Serial NumberA584
Power240 V | 15 A | 3 Ph
ID2905 C4

Hopper: 22″ diameter x 20″D (straight side: 4″, slope 13″), top opening: 7″ diameter.

Volume: approx 1.5 ft²

Auger: 2″ diameter, flight centers: 2.5″

Lidded product chute: top 14″L x 16″W, bottom 5″L x 8″W, inside slope: 13″, outside slope: 13″

Comes with pallet of extra attachments, including a 62″L auger.

Mounts on top of this Triangle VFFS Bagger.

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